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EFX Clarinet


What is This?

EFX Clarinet (Also known as Electric Clarinet or Electroacoustic Clarinet), is the combination of clarinet performance with live digital or analog effects, such as those used by electric guitarists. Many different types of effects can be used to enhance the instrument's sound and add an extra dimension to performance, ranging from Reverb & Delay to Distortion & Pitch Shifting. See below for a demonstration!

My Gear

From Beginning to End of My Effect Chain

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Quick-Start Gear Recommendations



Want to get into EFX Clarinet? Here are some other items you'll need:

1/4" Patch Cables (For connecting multiple pedals)

Amplifier or PA System

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What is your best advice for players getting started with using effects pedals?

After you acquire a pickup & amplifier (I recommend a PiezoBarrel + active PA speaker combo): Try things out in-person before you buy them! Listening to pedal demos on YouTube is a great way to get started, but these effects can sound different on clarinet compared to electric guitar. Visit your local music store to try out the effects you're interested in - This will give you a better idea of how to get the sound you're looking for.

Do the pedals have to be in any specific order on my pedalboard?

Short answer: No. There are some pedals that generally work better towards the beginning or end of your signal chain (Delay/Reverb/Chorus effects usually work better at the end, EQ/Compression/Noise Gate effects usually are placed at the beginning), but there are no hard & fast rules when it comes to pedal order. Volume pedals, for example, serve different purposes when placed on either end of your signal chain. Play around with your pedal order to find out what works best for your intended sound!

Do these effects work with other band instruments?

Yes! The PiezoBarrel pickup works with a variety of instruments: Saxophone, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba (to name a few). Visit for more information.

What music exists for EFX Clarinet?

Click here for a spreadsheet I've put together with a selected list of works for clarinet and live effects, with information on where you can find recordings & sheet music. You can also check out the Works section of this site for pieces I've composed and arranged for EFX Clarinet. (Send me a message if you'd like to purchase any sheet music!)

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